Let The Transfers Begin

By , June 8, 2011 12:48 pm

With the news of Liverpool Football Club signing Sunderland’s 20-year-old star Jordan Henderson, the transfers have officially begun. Many in the media are already bemoaning the hefty transfer fee of what is said to be £20 million for the talented youngster. But the club wasted no time in sealing their first transfer deal of the summer and no matter what, with this bold and logical approach of snapping up Britain’s best talent, Liverpool will be winners. Whether it’s now, or a few years down the line, the strategy Dalglish is implementing will pay off.

The opinions being spouted in the media (and they are only that, opinions), is that Liverpool have now overpaid on potential talents not once, but twice. First in January on Andy Carroll and now in June on Jordan Henderson. Putting aside the fact that everyone must overpay for young English players, such is the inflation and premium they command, Liverpool have not overpaid for anyone just yet.

Buying any player is always a gamble. No one will ever know if the player will fit into the team or not, if they will get injured, if they will perform as well as they have in the past, etc. But buying a young, gifted, English player for perhaps more money than a mid to late 20′s English or foreign one offers two advantages.

The first would be that the potential resale on the player down the line is always going to be higher. Buying a player at 20, getting four or five good years out of them and selling them on for a profit at 25 is a genuine long-term strategy. Key examples of this would be Fernando Torres and David Ngog. Bought young, and sold for massive profits.

The second advantage is the obvious one: they have youth on their side. Of course not every 18, 19, or 20 year-old with amazing potential will succeed in the long run, but they have every opportunity to do so with plenty of time to learn and develop ahead of them.

I won’t pretend that I know a lot about Jordan Henderson right now, but from what I’ve read, he has a wonderful range of passing and the ability to distribute with thought and accuracy. Journalist Iain Macintosh reckons he is of the “Alonso school of play.” Whether he turns out to be as good as Alonso remains to be seen. But the potential is there.

With Henderson, Liverpool have acquired their first big signing of the transfer window. And it would appear that Kenny Dalglish is not stopping there. If rumors and conjecture turn out to be true, than Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, and Connor Wickham will follow hot on the heels of young Henderson.

The Newest Addition To The New Dalglish Era

The pattern coming into focus with Dalglish and Comolli’s strategy is not just “buy young English players,” but to buy young, gifted, and versatile players. Henderson is essentially a central midfielder, but he can also operate successfully elsewhere. The same goes for Adam, Meireles, Gerrard, Suarez, Kuyt, and Downing. And just look at the ability of Glen Johnson to switch to left-back as if it was his natural position.

The team is being built with and around players that have the ability to not just play one position in one formation, but to play in multiple positions in various formations. This is what creates pass and move football, and this is what Dalglish wants to achieve.

Like everyone else, I have my doubts about players until they have had some time to really prove themselves. On top of this, with Henderson and the others rumored to be added to the squad, I’m not sure how the team will gel and who exactly will be in the starting eleven. But the fact that there will be options and selection headaches is what every big team needs and wants. Liverpool’s squad has been poor over the years and now finally looks set to have genuine strength in multiple areas on the pitch.

Dalglish and Comolli have already taken this team leaps and bounds ahead of where they were last summer. We’ve traded OAP’s for youthful, promising talent. The intent being shown in this transfer window indicates that Liverpool are preparing themselves to once again be a force to be reckoned with. Let the rest of the transfers commence.

10 Responses to “Let The Transfers Begin”

  1. James says:

    Its an intersting signing, I don’t know much about him to be honest. But you have to trust everyone at Liverpool who wouldn’t sign someone they think is no good.

    As you say, only time will tell if we have over paid. if we win the league with Henderson and Carrol they will be seen as bargains!

  2. Garysbloggything says:

    Great post, Danielle. I’ll be posting my own thoughts in the near future, when I have time

  3. David John says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the word “resale” Danielle.

    Even if he struggles for a couple of years, there’ll still be buyers for a 22 year-old England midfielder. It’s all about risk versus reward. As you say, every signing is a gamble to some extent but this is one with huge potential rewards and comparatively little risk.

    On a side note – you could probably have added Alonso to the list of ideal transfers too. Liverpool got his best years and sold him for three times what they paid. The only mistake was not finding an adequate replacement, although that may have been impossible.

    • There are huge advantages to be gained, and I think with the coaching staff and Kenny there, there’s no reason their potential can’t be turned into great success down the line.

  4. ZPE says:

    It’s all great making profit but if you have no trophies to show for it then it’s not worth it IMO. Yes we won the UCL in 2005 but having seen Man Utd dominate for so long, I wonder when it’ll be time for LFC to lift that elusive trophy. I’m happy with the Henderson signing though, like you said he’s versatile so that means he’s meaning more depth, something we’re lacking so badly (albeit in other areas rather than CMF). Just hope everyone stays fit next season.

  5. Kev Hunter says:

    Not sure I would put Charlie Adam in the versatile category

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