Liverpool Need To Finish Strong

By , April 27, 2011 12:56 pm

We are now ensconced in the business end of the season, but unfortunately for Liverpool Football Club and its fans, there is really no business to take care of. The season probably finished for most when the club was mired in the relegation zone, along with being dumped out of the Carling Cup by lowly Northampton Town. This has been one of the most incredibly dramatic seasons for Liverpool in a long, long time, and while there may not be silverware or even a place in Europe to show for it, the last four games in the Premier League need to be played as if they are all cup finals.

The club’s roller coaster ride this season has been well documented. From the farcical appointment, rise, and fall of Roy Hodgson, to the near collapse and administration bound point-of-no-return for the club as a whole. Just as darkness appeared to descend on Anfield, the cavalry arrived in the form of American John W. Henry. With a scroll of his pen on a massive check, he wiped away the club’s debt and informed everyone involved that a new era would develop and Liverpool would be back in their place as one of the best sides in world football.

A collective sigh was breathed from Huyton to Mumbai as Liverpool fans from all over the world witnessed a new beginning. Just a few short months later and the horror show that was Roy Hodgson would also be wiped from the club’s collective past, present, and future.

The return of the King made all the headlines in January, until another Kop hero overshadowed even Kenny Dalglish’s long awaited return at the helm of LFC. Fernando Torres made a strange and oft looked at treacherous move away from Anfield, only to find his new home at Chelsea to be anything like the light at the end of the dark tunnel he described after leaving. But enough about him.

With Kenny In Charge, The Club Has Taken A Turn For The Best

January saw, ostensibly, three new signings in the form of Dalglish, Luis Suarez, and Andy Carroll. FSG displayed their intentions for the famed Merseyside club by installing a capable and historically significant man to steward the good-ship LFC and splashing the cash on much needed reinforcements up front. Already a massive success, Suarez looks the business and Carroll, who is yet to fully recover from injury, is still finding his feet better than most believed he would.

It’s almost the end of this sometimes torrid, sometimes shocking, sometimes spectacular season and it would seem that Liverpool need the season to end already to put a lot of the bad memories behind them.

While it would be easier to sit comfortably in a position mid-table, with guns at the ready to aim at the summer transfer window and prepare for next season, this can’t be done. Liverpool need to finish the season strong and prove to themselves and their supporters that they are better than anyone in the media, Roy Hodgson, or anyone else outside the club has given them credit for this season.

There are no trophies, but there is pride at stake. Forget the possibility of still qualifying for the Europa League (or the very outside chance of the Champions League), Liverpool need to do this for them.

Arsenal fans were aghast at their team’s dismal game against LFC, and many were shocked that Liverpool and their fan base were not more willing to just give up in the dying minutes so as to help Arsenal’s chances of taking on Man United for the title.

I don’t know about most of you, but just the thought disgusts me. I would never prefer Liverpool rolling over just to hurt one of our rivals. The thought never crossed my mind, and I don’t think it crossed any of the players’ minds either. That’s why they never gave up until the final whistle and secured what could be an invaluable point.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that Manchester United will win another Championship this year, and overtake Liverpool’s record, but more than anything it should spur the players and club on even more to win that all elusive Premier League title in the years to come and overtake United’s new record. After all, records were meant to be broken.

Once again, while it may seem the club has nothing to fight for, it is just the opposite. The fans give everything to their team and they deserve nothing but the same in return. A strong finish will give the team confidence, attract new players, possibly secure Kenny Dalglish into a permanent manager’s role, and perhaps even garner a place in next season’s Europa League. The positive boost going into the summer in which LFC will be busy in the transfer market and pre-season is unquantifiable and could make all the difference heading into August.

The ups and downs the club has experienced this season have all pointed to one extraordinary thing: a new dawn. New owners, new players, and a new manager will return the club to where it belongs. But until they can get there next season, they need to finish this one right.

22 Responses to “Liverpool Need To Finish Strong”

  1. Garysbloggything says:

    Great post. I share your views on us not just rolling over to help someone else stop the mancs

  2. ant says:

    just imagine if we had rolled over and let arsenal win only to see them throw it away at bolton. You get nowhere by relying on other people or teams to do you favours.

  3. James says:

    Good article! If we finsh strong it will give us good confidence and extra pulling power with potential new signings.

  4. Tony says:

    Good post Danielle but the 4th important signing which you never made mention of, Steve Clarke, has in my opinion, made a significant contribution to our turn around.

    • Thank you, Tony. And you are absolutely right. I think Steve Clarke has made a wonderful addition. It isn’t just Dalglish, but the entire coaching staff that has made such a difference. I use him as the figurehead, but of course all of them, including wee little Sammy Lee, have a great impact together as a unit. Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. Eddie flanagan says:

    I don’t believe any Liverpool players,coaches,fans etc would ever consider rolling over for any team,whatever the reason?!Example..95 kk blackburn side last day of season needing a draw to win the league and Redknapp scored the winner from a free kick.Man u couldn’t beat west ham,so it didn’t matter in the end?!We are L.F.C and we’re in it to win it anything else is unacceptable!! YNWA

  6. Matt Adkins says:

    Good article Danielle. If we could finish the season strongly and snatch 5th place then what an incredible last 4 months it will have been. Spurs have been feted by the media this season and yet despite us having our worst start to a season in over 50 years we can still finish above them.

    One small point. In the article you say about the rise ad fall of Hodgson. What rise?! It was all falling surely?! :-)

    • It would be fantastic finishing above Spurs, and we are definitely in with a chance to do it.

      Good point about Roy. It was indeed all fall, the rise was an illusion brought on by the media to make us believe he was the man for the job. Thanks for the kind words. Keep coming back!

  7. Jonas Fossheim says:

    Great read! Greetings from Norway!


  8. Paul McCormack says:

    Nice one Danielle. Everything I thought has already been said.

  9. That’s one of best Liverpool-related articles I have read so far. Great job Danielle. This club has its pride in not bending over for another. On the flip-side, the club is also about humility and the determination to work hard to achieve success. The turbulent times will only make the club stronger. I believe King Kenny will be the catalyst to bring this club back to greatness. YNWA.

  10. Paul says:

    I agree Danielle. Finish the season strong and show we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with again. The addition of a poacher, a left back and a couple of wingers combined with our youth coming through will mean Utd getting their 19th is a temporary concern.

  11. Jay bennett says:

    I recall the arsenal supporters and wenger get disgusted when Liverpool wouldnt roll over and die, to get a “favour” however the reds done them the biggest favour a couple of weeks before, when they hammered the mancs at anfield! I seriously think that with a couple of quality additions in the summer, we could win the title next season!, I know it’s a bold shout, but this squad is a lot better than old Woy gave credit, and had woefully under performed until king Kenny stepped up to the plate. Consistency! That’s the key, on any given day we can beat anyone (ask the mancs and chavs!) but kk will, in my humble opinion bring consistency.

    • Absolutely Jay. Consistency has been an issue at the club for a long time. A few years ago, we couldn’t beat the top teams at all. Then a couple years ago we beat them no problem, but couldn’t finish off the teams we should be beating. It’s been like that this season as well. New signings along with some real consistency and top four is a guarantee.

  12. Tim Smith says:

    Good article Danielle. With 3 to 4 quality signings over the summer I honestly feel that we will be up there challenging for the title next season. I have been very disappointed with the overall quality of the EPL this season and feel that if it wasn’t for such a poor start to the season we would be challenging for a top 3/4 place. I have to admit it makes me chuckle seeing Spurs crumble….I remember a few weeks ago Harry Redknapp, crouch etc boasting about spurs being title contenders…(living in dream land). It also amazes me how the media seem to make excuses for spurs form due to them competing in the champs league and trying to qualify for the competition a 2nd time round. When Rafa was in charge he got accused of putting all energy into the champs league and having a weak squad….Whilst Harry is portrayed as a genius.

    • Thank you, Tim. I think it’s funny about Spurs as well! I honestly thought they’d get wiped aside in the Champions League and didn’t (until Madrid of course), but even so, they’re league form has been spotty. And you’re right, while Benitez was castigated all the time, Harry is praised for the same things. I keep waiting for the media to jump down Redknapp’s throat the way they did Rafa and it just isn’t happening. Ridiculous!

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