Fernando Torres: Me Thinks You Doth Protest Too Much

By , March 11, 2011 9:58 am

For all the pain that Liverpool has had to endure in the last number of months, culminating in the, at the time, devastating loss of Fernando Torres, the club and its fans are moving on. We are moving forward into the future, one step at a time, rebuilding the confidence that was stripped away from the club under the horrible regime of Hicks and Gillette and the disastrous reign of Roy Hodgson. No one involved with the club is under any illusions that the club is anywhere near its best, but the progress, positivity, and incredible signs of life under Kenny Dalglish are proving that the end to this fallow period is nigh.

Fans of the club have recently been reveling in the joy that is Luis Suarez, and are even seeing signs of what Andy Carroll will offer once match fit. Mouths across Merseyside are indeed salivating at the prospects of a fully fit Liverpool across the board. Kenny Dalglish reminded the club that while the departure of former idol Fernando Torres was painful, no one player is bigger than the club. Almost immediately, everyone adopted that attitude and the team has since gone from strength to strength, together as one.

As Liverpool looks to the future, it seems odd to keep hearing reports from Fernando Torres, who seems to be focused on the past. Since leaving the club in a rather backstabbing manner, Torres has come out in the press time and again to remind everyone (mostly himself) that he is happy with his move.

This of course despite the fact he has made no impact at his new, “bigger” club. I have watched every game he has played in a Chelsea shirt and all I see is someone just as lost as they were when they were at Liverpool. Not only should Torres leave well enough alone and move on, like Liverpool has already, but maybe he should stop blaming everyone else for where he is as a player and start looking at himself.

Walk On, Just Walk On Already

Time is the great leveler, and as time has slowly moved away from the end of January when the shocking transfer took place, perspective now grows. Fans were tired of defending Torres’ constant moodiness. I’m sure the manager was tired of it too. I’m sure his fellow teammates didn’t appreciate the way he sulked on the pitch when many of them were doing their best to bring the club out its misery. The bottom line is despite our better judgment, the fans defended Torres because he was our player, and he should have defended Liverpool because that was his club.

After all his statements since leaving, his newest one really takes the cake. He claims to Spanish paper Marca that at Chelsea, “There are more personal relationships and jokes between the players than there were at Liverpool. Everything was much more serious there. Here, you don’t have to prove you are a professional, it is assumed.” To quote the old saying, it is the plainest instance of the pot calling the kettle black. No “professional,” as he claims, leaves a club in the manner he left Liverpool. And remember Fernando, you should never assume, as it makes an ass out of you and me.

Fernando Torres goes on to blame the sale of Liverpool for wanting to leave stating, “The institution was in chaos with the sale. There was all this talk of possible projects. In many ways it reminded me of (former club) Atletico Madrid… a great history, many ideas but without money, it needed time. I don’t have that.” He continues, “I knew I was an idol for the fans but it wasn’t the same any more.”

So he blames the sale of the club and the chaos that ensued, he blames the manager, he blames his fellow players for being too serious, while at the same time not being professional enough, he blames the former owners for not investing when they should have, and he torments the fans by reminding them that he was their idol, but he no longer felt the same about them anymore.

When someone tries this hard to convince every one of his or her behavior, you start questioning why. Torres convinced himself that this was the right move, but you have to think he’s really not so sure. He must have watched Liverpool’s performance on Sunday against Manchester United, especially Luis Suarez, and started doubting his hasty decisions, wondering what could have been had he stayed.

While Liverpool fans are sick of hearing from him as they look to focus on their team and the players that want to play for Liverpool, maybe he should do the same with his new club. The more he opens his mouth, the more I don’t believe a word he says. Indeed, me thinks the Spaniard doth protest too much.

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  1. James says:

    Interesting article. Time will tell whether he made a ‘good’ decision but so far not so good for him!

  2. Jason says:

    At the end of the day, chelsea are a business and business need to perform. If torres doesn’t fit the formula, he will be shipped out.

    • So far he isn’t fitting the formula. He really only thrives at his best in ONE system, the system that Liverpool were forced to play while he was there. And Chelsea seem reluctant to change their somewhat successful formula just to suit him. The fact he’s not their only striker or star makes it more difficult for him. I doubt he’ll be a Chelsea player in two years time.

  3. alex h says:

    why does he need to spout this crap? maybe chelski have asked him to bg them up to get some shirts sold to try and narrow their financial deficit.

  4. Live4Liverpool says:

    I wish El Complaino would shut up already! Next season will be a big season for Liverpool and he’ll come to regret the decision he has made. Liverpool will achieve big things WITHOUT him sooner rather than later…

  5. Steven R says:

    An ex pat scouser living in Orlando, i flew back over for the United battering. Theres honestly an aura of buzz and excitement at anfield again like the old Kenny days. His loss is not ours. He will be sulking at Valencia or Osasuna in 3 years, wondering what might have been.
    What a sad effort of My Little Pony he is

  6. Deb R says:

    It’s such a relief that he’s not our problem anymore! He was beginning to wear everyone down. He says our players weren’t as friendly & fun as the Chelsea players – weird, when you look at the photos of our lads at training, they look really happy & having a lot of fun! Maybe that’s now because he’s gone! Really nice piece Danielle!

  7. Robwiz says:

    Nando was a hero who battled through the pain barrier many times for Liverpool and gave us some great memories. I’m not going to let some clever PR from the club in January cloud my memory of a world class player in a red shirt.

    Reading between the lines of what Torres has said, he was conned on several occasions – promised signings who never materialised at the club that had reached the Champions League final the season before he signed. Remember this was an interview where he gave answers to the questions he was asked by the journalist.

    From what has leaked from the dressing room, Gerrard and Carragher more or less downed tools in Rafa’s final season and they backed Hodgson’s appointment and Joe Cole’s signing (for all the good it’s done us). No wonder there wasn’t much humour at Melwood.

    Regardless of the internal politics, playing as the lone striker under Hodgson’s hoofball tactics must have been a joyless experience. In footballing terms, going from playing a high tempo passing game to a more physical, battling British style must have been a pretty unappetising prospect for Nando. I don’t blame him for wanting out. He’s Chelsea’s £50m star so he’s going to be in the media a lot, so let’s get over it and support the players we’ve got.

    • Thank you for your comments Rob. I wish I could look at the situation as positive as you are. I’m still reeling from it all, and the wound in our collective backs is still fresh. And I’m not denying he wasn’t genuinely unhappy with how things were going, but no one was. And no one else abandoned the team, especially when things were starting to look up.

      I’m having a hard time trying to remember anything good he ever did because of the way he left and I don’t think I’m alone. I hope one day I can look back at what a great player he was for us, but not now.

      And I agree, we should support the player’s we’ve got and get over it. I think we all have, he’s the one who keeps bringing Liverpool back up when we want nothing to do with him anymore.

      Good points, thanks for commenting!

    • akzoony says:

      Completely agree. Thought Liverpool fans were supposed to have a bit more class than this. A very talented young lad stays longer than we could have expected, even when ‘sulking’ scored a heck of a lot of goals, made 30 million for us and now all these fans can’t wait to bitch about him. It’s pitiful. Were the club that applauded our ex players and can have pride in their future careers away from us. Maybe when you guys have finally moved on from the hurt you feel because a player you. loved has gone then hopefully you’ll be able to remember the good he did us, and the joy and excitement he gave rather than getting all excited about some bland and i honest thoughts in a Spanish tabloid.

  8. JP ONeill says:

    Excellent article – he needs to move on. We have.

  9. Jen Haynes says:

    Really hard to remember how we fell in love with this guy. He sprouted all the right stuff when he joined us about getting the city, the people and the history of the club. He’s shown himself to be a liar. I realy wish he’d move on, we have.

  10. eamonn says:

    It is easy to understand why torres decided to leave. He had been made promises by the old regime that were not honoured. However, he left just as life was looking up at Anfield, with new owners and kenny’s return. I think he has made a big mistake leaving when he did. Chelski are entering a rebuilding period and Liverpool are on the right track. And he is trying to convince himself that he made the right move!

    • I completely agree with you Eamonn. I firmly believe that Liverpool is on their way back up. With some good transfer business this summer we will be in good shape. Chelsea’s squad needs a huge overhaul. It will take them time to be properly challenging again, despite what Torres wants to tell himself!

  11. di slater says:

    The joy that Suarez gave me on Sunday seemed to wipe all the misery that was Torres away. Everybody walking on eggshells hoping our one striker would at least try, because if he didn’t we were stuffed. Thanks for the goals Torres but we have too much to look forward to to worry about your career.

  12. Eddy says:

    The Chelsea players are super friendly in the dressing room to the extent that wife swapping is a norm. Just ask JT!

    • frenchfan says:

      There’s a lot more friendliness in the Chelsea camp; shooting practice, gang roasting the young female supporters as well as plenty of swinging I would imagine. Maybe that’s Torres’ hidden agenda. FGS does he realise where he is? IMO there’s not a lot going on upstairs. He should just shut up and get down to work, he’s paid enough to play footbal not blabber!

  13. jmmcanuck says:

    If I were Chelsea I’d be getting a bit nervous. Torres has looked like a passenger thus far – much like he looked over the past year and a half at Liverpool. He may yet come good for Chelsea but 50 mil sure looks like good business for the Reds at the moment.

  14. Jay bennett says:

    I think everyone needs to remember Liverpool made Torres the player he is (or was!) he was never regarded a prolific goalscorer in Spain before he moved to anfield, and the reds gave him the platform, and service to shine, well at least for a season or so!, so for me I’m not going to remember the goals he scored, as it’s tainted by the sulking and lack of effort and the utter betrayal by this player, who lead everyone to believe he was with us through thick and thin. Even if he wanted to leave, he at least owed us another season, to make up for all the poor performances, but no he decided to jump ship, with only a couple of days left for us to find any replacements. Luckily kk has spent the money wisely, and I think as a team were actually stronger! So Nando I really hope you are a massive failure at Chelsea, that’s not sour grapes, that is what would call “poetic justice” for your “loyalty” to us reds fans! . YNWA

    • I have to agree with you. I have said in another post that Liverpool made Torres the “world class player” he now is, and that’s why it made his untimely departure all the more painful. He owed more to Liverpool and to the fans. Sadly he acted hastily and his legacy is now tarnished because of it. Most fans will never remember the good he did, but rather the way in which he let everyone down.

  15. raneigh says:

    oh yeah, I’m sure he and Drogba are choppin’ it up, laughing loads in the dressing room, forming a “real relationship”. And we all know how committed Torres is to his “real relationships”.

    • That’s just it. The Chelsea players aren’t stupid. They must have seen how phony he was with Liverpool, so why would they ever want to trust him? He looks so alone there. The only person at Chelsea that wanted him was Abramovich.

  16. matt says:

    Great article.

    I dont hate Torres for leaving. And for what its worth I think he may well win the odd trophy at Chelsea because the guy is quality. But as this article quite rightly points out, he chosses to blame everyone and everything else other than his own shoddy and disinterested performances this season. As I said I dont hate Torres, but I do realise that he did not put in 100% for much of this season and for that I have lost all respect for him. I cannot wish him well in light of the contempt he has shown to our club through his performances and subsequent comments.

    • Thank you, Matt. I don’t hate him either, but it’s true that he disrespected the club the way he left and his attitude was poor when he was still there. Worst of all, the fans always stood by him just to have him betray us.

  17. Rich says:

    I don’t understand how you can all say you’ve moved on when you all keep banging on about him.

    • I know what you’re saying Rich, but it’s a response to what he keeps saying. He left a bad taste in everyones mouth and is making it worse with the things he keeps saying.

  18. Deji Olaniun says:

    Torres should stop trying to justify his action for we don’t care anymore, he left us when we needed him most and rubbished us with his useless comments; that’s bad enough. He’s now having a dig at the players that laboured to make him who he is today, that’s really sad. In as much as we wanted him to stay, we knew he won’t be here forever, players come and go but Liverpool FC remains. Ajax didn’t want Suarez to leave, but we all saw the love and support they gave him at they stadium on the day of his departure, that’s they way a true idol should leave a club he sincerely loves, on a friendly note. So, El Complaino (I love the way that sounds) please leave us alone cause we’ve moved on and I think you should too.

    • You make a good point Deji. The way Suarez left Ajax was a lesson in class and how you should treat your former club, the one that made you a success, with respect. He did and said all the right things and the fans are sad he left, but will always love him for the way he played and gave everything to them. Liverpool fans will never feel that way about Torres because of the way he left. It’s a shame because he could have left the right way and remained a legend in the fans’ eyes.

  19. Mcdonaldtaf says:

    As someone else pointed out, Torres was not prolific in Spain. The fact of the matter is that Benitez built a system around him that worked. Without that system he is not the same player and I don’t believe he ever will be. His goal return will drop and I doubt that Chelsea will rock the ego boat at Stamford Bridge for fear of capsizing.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. He is a great player under ONE system, and Chelsea don’t look to be changing their entire team to suit him as Benitez did with Liverpool. Obviously it worked well, but I also think it hindered Liverpool. The team was forced to play one way and now that he is gone, there are more options which overall will be better for the team.

  20. Sfen says:

    Nice article!honestly,because of him,i became a Liverpool fan…he WAS my favourite players…i know that some day he will left , maybe going back to Atletico…but its just the way and manner he left that makes me feel so disgusting about this man…he said he wont leave on 9th of Jan then now he came out and said he already planning to leave 20 days before the transfer window closed..what was all this about?he said he was an employee of LFC….is that truth?is the fans really treat him like an employee?is Stevie and Dirk treated him like a typical colleague?!what was he saying like we are the one who should be blamed?after his departure , i still expect him to say something good and nice about his former club…but now…he makes me hate him more…on the 3rd day after his departure..i cried…you cant imagine how sad am i…i cant even concentrate on my studies…but i’m well past that now…if he had been thinking that he is only an employee for this LFC since the very 1st day he came and he never care about us,then i must be “blind” for idolised such a selfish and hypocrite man…as i said,he made me became a Liverpool fan but i’ll never follow his footsteps and leave this football club…ask me for the reason?why should i support other football club?i am already being a part of a great football club…and i am so proud to be a Liverpool fan and i’ll always wear my Liverpool jersey with pride…to everyone who support Liverpool Football Club around the world , we’ll never walk alone!we will live a much much better life without him!

  21. Susan says:

    Excellent article Danielle, very true indeed! He broke my heart when he left and I can’t watch him in Blue but my word he’s making it very easy to “dislike” him each time he opens his mouth. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen friends..at work… nights out “Methinks he doth protest too much”!! And then I see this article brilliance!! Times are exciting at Anfield and I, like us all cannot wait for Suarez/Carroll to gel, not under any illusion I know this will take time but I can’t stop grinning!! Again great article. YNWA.

  22. jim says:

    for some reason the torres situation with liverpool reminds me of a bf gf relationship, you fall out numerous times have your ups and downs then one day you decide you’ve had enough and leave, you find a new partner but its just not right because your old partner has moved on but you still have feelings and there is nothing you can do about it now well atleast in torres case there is no going back unless he puts a transfer request in and has a buy out for 10 million!! ADIOS AMIGO

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